Invited Speakers

Akazaki Lecture
Shigeki Okajima
Chubu Univ
Development and Application of High Performance FIR Laser

Special Lecture
Katsunori Muraoka
Short- and long-range energy strategies for Japan and the world after the Fukushima nuclear accident

General Lectures
Tatsuo Dougakiuchi
Hamamatsu Photonics
Recent progress in Quantum Cascade Lasers as a mid-infrared laser source
Michele Bassan
ITER Organization
Thomson scattering diagnostics systems in ITER
Ge Zhuang
Huazhong Univ Science and Technology
The three-wave laser polarimeter-interferometer on J-TEXT tokamak
Haiqing Liu
IPP, Chinese Academy of Science
Internal magnetic field measurements by laser-based POlarimeter-INTerferometer (POINT) system on EAST
Richard Miles
Princeton Univ
The use of radar for the characterization of laser generated plasmas and for stand-off trace gas detection
Andy Ruth
Univ College Cork
Laser-induced micro-plasmas in air for incoherent broadband cavity-enhanced absorption spectroscopy
Kentaro Tomita
Kyushu Univ
Collective Thomson scattering diagnostics of laser-produced plasmas at moderate temperatures
Shinji Yoshimura
Application of optical vortex beams for laser absorption spectroscopy
William Young
Univ Wisconsin-Madison
Thomson scattering measurements at 250 kHz

Topical Lectures
Francois Anderegg
Wave detection through laser thermal spectroscopy
Theodore Biewer
Oak Ridge National Lab
Initial results from laser-based diagnostics on the Prototype Material Plasma Exposure eXperiment (Proto-MPEX) at ORNL
Petra Bilkova
IPP, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Scaling Thomson scattering to big machines
Maria Antoaneta Bratescu
Nagoya Univ
Analysis of the plasma decomposition of organic compounds in solution by coherent anti-stokes Raman spectroscopy
Jerome Bredin
Univ York
Picosecond TALIF in atmospheric pressure plasmas
Olivier Guaitella
Ecole Polytechnique
Absorption spectroscopy in CO2 and air plasmas by QCL: from gas traces to vibrational excitation measurements
Yuki Inada
Univ Tokyo
Two-dimensional electron density imaging of extinguishing arc discharges using Shack-Hartmann type laser wave-front sensor
Tsuyohito Ito
Osaka Univ
Sum-frequency generation spectroscopy of water surfaces influenced by plasma
Daisuke Kuwahara
Tokyo Univ Agriculture and Technology
Development of a local oscillator integrated antenna array for microwave imaging diagnostics
Stephan Reuter
INP Greifswald
LIF spectroscopy on cold Plasma-jets for Plasmamedicine
Ryo Yasuhara
Progress of the multi-pass Thomson scattering system in LHD